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A Dream In Time by raynaliz A Dream In Time by raynaliz
Since the dawn of time man has been plagued with visions of the unimaginable. We dream untamed thoughts of lust, murder, greed, and the unknown. Scientist claimed that our dreams are a way of our unconscious mind trying to make sense of our everyday problems. I think they are unimaginably wrong.

I believe that our dreams have a more defined purpose. When we dream I believe that we are testing our perceptions of reality. Throughout history philosophers, writers, astrologers, prophets, and artists expressed passionately their unbridled thoughts into tangible media. And though most were criticized their thoughts became part of out reality.

Leonardo Da Vinci is a solid example of one of those brilliant dreamers. He lived under constant scrutiny for his many inventions and experiments. In fact it was several hundred years after his death that people realized just how brilliant he was when sketches of what we call modern inventions emerged on pages of Leonardo’s journals where he hastily drew visions from his dreams.

That is what digital art is for me: an outlet to project my thoughts and feelings into something tangible for others to experience. With every artwork I aspire to blur the lines between my visions and future reality. While I may not be immortalized in history books I hope that someone somewhere will be inspired by my work and reflect on it as they project their own dreams into reality.

This artwork is 100% my imagination and 100% vector. I sketched it after a dream that I had on Christmas of all days. A special thanks to Adobe for Illustrator!


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January 5, 2009
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